MHSJ call for reviewers

IMPORTANT: This note can be somehow similar to other few journals of the publisher (Prague Development Center). Therefore, the text may partially or completely coincide with the requirements in other journals - BEH, PIEB, and ATI. If you are interested in reviewing articles for PRADEC journals, we would like to invite your participation. Manuscript reviewers are vital to the publications process.

Call for reviewers

The high-quality peer-review process is necessary for establishing the reputation of every scientific journal. MHSJ invites experienced medical researchers to collaborate with us as reviewers. The Journal is especially interested in reviewers who have expertise and interest in the following specialties and clinical topics: surgery, general medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, pediatrics, rheumatology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, medical genetics, otolaryngology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry. Other areas of medical specialization are also accountable.

The charge of reviewers is to evaluate the quality, relevance, and merit of submitted papers. Reviews must be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance to the field. Preferably, reviewers should consider themselves as mentors to the author(s) and comments should be specific and constructive and suggestions should be intended to enhance the manuscript.

Therefore, if you would like to share your professional opinion and have an impact on MHSJ development please fill in the survey and send it to


- Possess a doctoral degree in the medical or related discipline;
- Be fluent in academic English;
- Hold an academic affiliation;
- Work effectively under tight deadlines.
- Have published articles in authoritative journals.

What do we offer?

Reviewing is voluntary. Publisher does not offer paid options to reviewers whilst it implements the open-access and affordable fee business model for authors. We are open to cooperation with reviewers who support the concept and values of our journal. While most medical journals have high fees both to open-access (free)  and paid to read articles, the MHSJ is low-cost medical research journal who does not impose high costs to authors. However, the MHSJ can promise volunteering reviewers opportunities to save up credits to put towards their own publishing costs in the future.