Innovation and Technology Management Academy

ITMA offers education courses and short trainings that help to increase the knowledge and skills essential to succeed at workplace and personal life. The unique feature of programs provided by ITM Academy is that courses provide such trainings and knowledge that not only meet high school requirements, but also add important value to the standard / conventional higher education curricula.

Contemporary life and dynamic technology environment bring gaps in knowledge and skills to succeed in real life cycle, professional career and even academic domain. Traditional universities keep persuading fundamental and classic functions. However, work career for young and experienced people, and life challenges in social life and community continuously create new demands for special knowledge of comprehensive nature.

There is set of missing skills that are important to succeed and survive at workplace such as right understanding of a global and local, academic and work environment and culture, team work capacity and experience, time management, work ethics, crisis management, corporate culture, etc. These are small features that one could potentially not be able to learn at standard University curricula but are considered to be a very important component to success. The ITM Academy thus offers set of short trainings and courses that help to fill in this missing gap in knowledge and expertise.