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The purpose of my blog is to publish some part of my diverse thoughts about the present and past of modern society, which may also be of interest to the contemporary general audience. The social world around us, the history and prospects of its development provide each person with a rich and inexhaustible source for the mental, spiritual and practical activities. When a human comes to this world, he is faced with a complex and disordered system of speculations (= value inferences). Perhaps there is no great sense or no sense at all in finding and establishing a common value order for all. I see much more sense in the fact that everyone has a chance to search on his own for value orientations in a deterministic world, and to be content with a subjectively comprehended order in his head and order in realized "personal reality".

The theme of the blog, of course, can be varied and concern issues from the fields of economics, philosophy, politics, religion, and culture. However, in my opinion, most of the notes will be united by a certain system, which can be arbitrarily called the theory or concept of imperial dominance. In my established belief, the values ​​of imperial domination are universal for a single person in any historical era. The theory of imperial domination helps, in my view, to understand the deep nature of any society, to see more fundamental driving forces behind complex speculations and ideological coatings.

Some thoughts are more like articles than short (classic) blog posts. Therefore, I opened the "Articles" section of the blog menu.

I do not promise that this blog will be updated frequently. This is a blog for a specific audience of people who are concerned about the critical searching for meanings about the nature of man and society.

Blog readers are not able to write comments. In general, this is not necessary, since the blog is not consulting or marketing one. Blog entries and articles do not teach any skills, knowledge, or life hack strategies. Further, the blog does not call for any kind of interactive action. Finally, I understand that this is a public blog. I will be forced to run into an overly broad audience, most of which will be casual and short-term visitors. Therefore, providing quality comment management will be a very costly and pointless exercise to me.

I usually work and communicate to people in Russian and English. Therefore, I will try to achieve reasonable symmetry between the two language versions of this blog. Due to the constant lack of time, trivial workload with other interests and important tasks, I can not promise a perfect match of the content between these versions of the blog.

Orifjan Namozov