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Person. Socio-biological “cell” of society

Considering a person and his or her communities of a different order through the concept of a socio-biological organism can be useful. So you can better understand the laws that govern the social behavior of a person. When we focus on the exclusively social side, then in the search for ...
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Social technology. Community engineering

The humanitarian sciences hardly adapt and survive over time compared to the natural sciences. This is most likely due to the nature of the research subject of natural scientists. The nature of living or non-living material is an easy-to-study passive matter for physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, and other natural scientists ...
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The mystery of the “outer block” on the Russian bureaucracy and the Russian path

Sometimes the world becomes cramped and suffocating, like a small quadrature of a student in a dormitory or a small room of a simple city dweller in a super-urbanized town. The statement made by the director of the EAEU Institute, Vladimir Lepekhin, about the “external block” on the path of ...
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