Business and Economic Horizons, Volume 14, Issue 3 has been published online

The Issue 3 of Volume 14 (2018) has been published. The following documents are included to the completed issue:

  • Effects of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: A case of 4- and 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [by Ho Dinh Phi, Long Phan Thanh, Bang Nguyen Viet]
  • Accounting expertise in the audit committee and earnings management [By Mujeeb Saif Mohsen Al-Absy, Ku Nor Izah Ku Ismail, Sitraselvi Chandren]
  • Learning organization: a fine example of a management fad [by Slobodan Adzic ]
  • Does foreign direct investment reduce poverty? The case of Latin America in the twenty-first century [by Pablo Quiñonez, Joselin Saenz, Jessica Solorzano]
  • Determinants of Chinese demand for tourism in Malaysia [by Chin-Hong Puah, Suk-Hie Huan, Fung-Thai Thien]
  • Determinants of financial performance of banks in Central and Eastern Europe [by Roger Antoun, Ali Coskun, Bojan Georgievski]
  • Participation in continuous professional development training and perceived teaching assessment: A case study at the Malaysian Technical University [by Nor Hazana Abdullah, Alina Shamsuddin, Eta Wahab, Muazu Hassan Muazu]
  • Examining the nexus between exchange rate volatility and export performance: Empirical evidence from the Egyptian experience [by Heidi Aly, Rana Hosni]
  • Determinants of corporate cash holding: evidence from UK listed firms [by Le Duc Hoang, Phi Long Tran, Thu Phuong Ta, Duy Minh Vu]
  • Corruption awareness and ethical decision making in Indonesia [by Ashari Ashari, Marthin Nanere, Philip Trebilcock]
  • Board diversity, audit committee characteristics and audit quality: The moderating role of control-ownership wedge [by Aree Saeed Mustafa, Ayoib Che-Ahmad, Sitraselvi Chandren]
  • Brand loyalty for domestic and global brands: A case of Thai fast-moving consumer goods [by Sonthaya Sampaothong]
  • Moderating effect of competitive strategies on the relation between financial leverage and firm performance: evidence from Jordan [by Mahmoud Al-Rdaydeh, Ammar Yaser Almansour, Mohammad Ahmad Al-Omari]
  • Economic impact of the change in tax rate on small enterprises of manufacturing and construction sectors: Evidence from Russia 2006-2014 [by Karen Tumanyants]
  • Internal factors of bank profitability in the Republic of Serbia [by Violeta Domanovic, Violeta Todorovic, Sladjana Savovic]
  • Inflationary effects of fiscal and monetary policies in Indonesia [by Jaka Sriyana]
  • Outsider vs insider: Does firm governance matter? [by Yahya Uthman Abdullahi, Rokiah Ishak, Norfaiezah Sawandi]
  • Socialization: An important factor of redenomination success in Indonesia [by Bulan Prabawani, Ita Hanika Musfirowati, Eri Werdani Riandhita]
  • An empirical investigation between liquidity and key financial ratios of Islamic banks of United Arab Emirates (UAE) [by Mosab Tabash]

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