ATI call for reviewers

ATI call for reviewers

Call for reviewers

The high-quality peer-review process is necessary for establishing the reputation of every scientific journal. ATI invites experienced scholars and professionals specializing in various domains of natural science, technology, applied natural and social disciplines to collaborate as reviewers for our journal. 

The charge of reviewers is to evaluate the quality, relevance, and merit of submitted papers. Reviews must be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance to the field. Preferably, reviewers should consider themselves as mentors to the author(s) and comments should be specific and constructive and suggestions should be intended to enhance the manuscript.

Therefore, if you would like to share your professional opinion and have an impact on ATI development ATI call for reviewers form and send it to


- Possess a doctoral degree in medical or related discipline;
- Be fluent in academic English;
- Hold an academic affiliation;
- Work effectively under tight deadlines.

What do we offer?

Reviewing is voluntary. However, reviewers’ names will be published on the ATI website and listed once a year in a printed volume. Additionally, we offer 50% discount for the reviewers' submissions to ATI.