ATI call for editors

Call for Editorial Board Members

The publisher would like to invite you to submit your application to join the Editorial Board of the journal as an Editorial Advisory Board (AB) member. The support of an EAB member will certainly be crucial to the development, quality and success of the journal.

As AB member (general member or affiliated with a certain journal scope area(s)) you could assist in the following ways:
- submitting research material
- reviewing for the journal
- recommending external reviewers
- advising on matters of journal development
- encouraging article submissions to the journal from your affiliated circles
- providing occasional guest editorials or guest editing a special issue
- representing and promoting the journal at conferences

Serving as a member of the board is voluntary. The journal is mainly small-scale, free and open-access. We significantly differ from those printed and open-access journals requiring high submission fees and/or selling full-text articles to their readers. Selected invited or papers in limited special cases are published even free of charge. The journal is published and fully financed by the Prague Development Center and non-for-profit Innovation and Technology Management Academy (ITMA).
Affiliations to our journals, therefore, are not fee-based. However, members can benefit with special conditions for the academic publishing opportunities.

Motivated researchers should send their letter of interest to and/or .
We look forward to receiving your application.

Prague Development Center
Innovation and Technology Management Academy